The program will be a single session featuring invited talks ranging from tutorial to cutting edge along with poster presentations

Invited Speakers

🔧 Dr. Jorge Puebla,    RIKEN, Japan

"Magnon phonon coupling 

🔧 Dr. Burkard Hillebrands,   Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

"Magnon-phonon accumulation phenomena“ 

🔧 Dr.  Paul Barclay,  University of Calgary

"Diamond spin-optomechanics“

🔧 Dr. Alexey Scherbakov, Technische Universität Dortmund 

"Neuromorphic computing with phonons and magnons“ 

🔧 Dr. Ryotaro Sano,    Kyoto University

"Surface acoustic wave-driven magnon spin Hall effect in atomically thin Van der Waals antiferromagnets“ 

🔧 Dr. Alexey Kovalev,    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"Creation and manipulation of skyrmions by surface acoustic waves 

🔧 Dr.  Jian-Qiang You,  Zhejiang University

"Magnon-phonon coupling & Cavity magnomechanics“ 

🔧 Dr.  Sunil Bhave,  Purdue

"MEMS control of Color Centers in Diamond and Silicon Carbide“ 

🔧 Dr. Peng-Bo Li, Xi'an Jiaotong University

"Spin-magnon-mechanical hybrid quantum systems“ 

🔧 Dr. Xufeng ZhangNortheastern University

"Thin-Film Magnomechanics: hybrid magnon-phonon interaction in thin-film garnet devices 

🔧 Dr.  Hailin WangUniversity of Oregon

"Ultracoherent GHz spin-mechanical resonators with color centers in diamond“ 

🔧 Dr. Hiroki Arisawa,  University of Tokyo

"The spin-current volume effect 

🔧 Dr. Jairo SinovaJohannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

"Strain effects in Altermagnetism 

🔧 Dr. Thomas Moore,  University of Leeds

"Surface Acoustic Wave Manipulation of Magnetic Domain Walls and Skyrmions 

🔧 Dr. Alberto Hernández-MínguezLeibniz-Institut, Berlin

"Surface Acoustic Wave Manipulation of Spins in Silicon Carbide 

🔧 Dr. Vincent DumontETH Zürich

"Interfacing nanomechanical systems with spin detection 

🔧 Liyang LiaoUniversity of Tokyo

"Valley-selective phonon-magnon scattering in magnetoelastic superlattices 

🔧 Dr. Junxue Li,  Southern University of Science and Technology, China 

"Observation of magnon-polaron in uniaxial antiferromagnetic insulator“ 

🔧 Dr. Ping TangAIMR, Tohoku University 

"Magnon transport in non-collinear antiferromagnets and low-dimensional magnets 

🔧 Dr. Qili LiKarlsruhe Institute of Technology 

"Magnon-phonon coupling in Fe3GeTe2 

🔧 Dr. Olivier Kleincea ╱ Université Grenoble Alpes 

"The Orbital Angular Momentum of Azimuthal Spin-Waves 

🔧 Dr. Andrew Rushforth,  University of Nottingham 

"Magnon-phonon coupling in magnetostrictive nanostructures 

🔧 Dr. Helen GomonayJohannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz 

"Gradient magnetoelasticity and manipulation of antiferromagnetic textures 

🔧 Frankie FungHarvard University 

"A Scanning Probe Platform for Programmable, Mechanically-Mediated Interactions between Spin Qubits 

🔧 Dr. Kei YamamotoJapan Atomic Energy Agency 

"Dynamics of magnetic vortex driven by acoustic waves 

🔧 Dr. Carlos Gonzalez BallesteroVienna University of Technology 

"Beyond Gilbert damping: theory of phonon-induced decoherence of few-magnon states 

🔧 Dr. Jiamian HuUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison 

"Dynamical phase-field simulation of coupled phonon-magnon-photon dynamics in multiphase systems 

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