Many Thanks to our Sponsors

In diverse areas such as materials characterization, high-sensitivity electrical measurements, magneto-optical experiments, and in-lab helium conservation, Quantum Design’s team of scientists and engineers provides a full spectrum of instruments, service and application support for customers both domestically and internationally. 

Attocube offers a broad portfolio of customizable liquid and dry research cryostats for diverse setups and conditions. Due to their low vibration characteristics, these cryostats are predestined to be combined with our microscopes, nanopositioners, cryogenic objectives and interferometric sensors, and thus always offer the perfect conditions for your research tasks.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Help make Spin Mechanics 8 a success by sponsoring an event.  

·         Workshop Banquet / Barbecue                                 $3,500

·         Afternoon social excursion to local landmark            $2,500

·         Bierstube or evening wine social                                 $500

·         Coffee Break                                                                $350

Sponsors will receive the following benefits from their contribution to the workshop social atmosphere.

·         Display of company poster or placards during the event.

·         Distribution of pamphlets and flyers with registration packet

·         Distribution of “swag” (e.g. pens, trinkets, cups with company logo, etc.) at check-in or seating.

·         Prominent display of logo, website link and appreciation for sponsorship on workshop web page

·         Prominent display of logo and appreciation for sponsorship in workshop program book. May include ½ page advertisement.

·         Acknowledgement of sponsorship during conference welcome speech and closing remarks.

For sponsorship of $2000 or more, we would offer all of the above and to include a 15 minute presentation about the company and its offerings during the workshop.  The company may send a representative for the presentation as well as participation during the event. Alternatively, the conference organizers will enthusiastically deliver the presentation based on PowerPoint slides provided by the company.

For inquiries or alternate proposals, please email   

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Bierstube or Wine Wocial


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